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The first production in the TOR industrial park was launched in Kurgan

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В Кургане запустили первое производство в индустриальном парке ТОР

Today, on August 19, the first stage of the production chain of the first resident, a concrete mixing unit, was launched on the squares of the TOR industrial Park.

The solemn launch was held by Governor Vadim Shumkov, Senator Sergey Muratov, together with the president of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses "Opora Rossii" Alexander Kalinin and Deputy Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Dmitry Glushko, who are working in the Kurgan Region today.

The estimated production capacity is about 500,000 cubic meters of concrete per year. The technologies are the most modern. The weight dosing of the supply of cement and crushed stone has been established. The concrete will be used for the construction of social facilities and housing in the region. The production capacity is enough for the construction of 140 thousand square meters of housing per year.

Also, the concrete-mortar unit will produce concrete for the reinforced concrete plant No. 8, which is being prepared for opening at the end of the year.

"Our task is very simple – to create conditions for a quick start of industrial projects that will work for the development of the economy of the Kurgan region. Such as the one that we launched today. This is why we are building industrial parks. A total of 9 parks will be built until 2024. There are two formats of parks. The first is the old, destroyed factories, which we are restoring in a short time using government subsidies. The second is a platform with all communications, where an investor can go and build an enterprise. Plus, we subsidize the purchase of equipment, " said the governor Vadim Shumkov.

According to the president of Opora Russia, Alexander Kalinin, industrial parks simplify the entry of small businesses into the real production sector.

"We encourage small businesses to enter the real sector-industry and construction. But these are very capital-intensive industries that require large investments. And the way proposed by the government of the Kurgan region-industrial parks-allows you to significantly reduce the initial costs for business. There is no need to spend money on creating workshops, summing up networks. The path is very correct. With this approach, the Kurgan Region will give a dynamic impetus to the development of the manufacturing sector of the economy," Alexander Kalinin said.

An important issue is personnel for new production facilities. It is planned to create hundreds of new jobs in the industrial park.

"Highly intelligent jobs will be created here, among other things. The need for personnel, especially engineering, is great. And now this issue will be resolved from two sides. On the one hand, there is the "turnkey personnel" project initiated by Governor Vadim Shumkov. On the other hand, the party is connected. The EP proposed to rebuild the system of ordering specialties based on the real needs of enterprises. I think this is a good and correct initiative, " said Senator Sergey Muratov.

Deputy Director of the ASI Dmitry Glushko focused on the personnel issue and the opportunities that industrial parks give people.

"Different specialists are needed here. And those who will be engaged in the installation and maintenance of equipment, and, most importantly, people who will use this equipment to produce products that are necessary not only for the Kurgan region, but also for other regions. Such people can be trained by local universities and colleges. And for them there will be a job with a decent salary. I am also sure that the appearance of such sites will give results for the Kurgan region in the next year or two and in various ratings that assess the investment attractiveness of the region," Dmitry Glushko said.

Press service of the Governor of the Kurgan region


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